Cavatese Dogs

Cavamalt – Cavatese – Cav-a-Malt

When two of the most adorable small dog breeds in existence are combined, the result can only be a super sweet, amazingly cute canine. In other words – the Cavatese!

Cavatese are gaining popularity among designer dog lovers, and it has been said that they are like potato chips – it’s difficult to stop at just one.

Cavatese puppies can possess characteristics of either parent breed, ranging in size from super tiny to small, and in a range of colors seen in both the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Maltese.

Also called “Cavamalts” or “Cav-a-malts”, the health, temperament and suitability of these puppies rests largely upon the care in which you take to choose a reputable breeder. As a mixed breed dog, the Cavatese has the potential for “hybrid vigor”, however choosing a breeder that uses only exceptionally healthy dogs in their breeding program, and lovingly raises puppies in a home setting ensures the best chance for a healthy, happy and long lived puppy.

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