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Arizona Dog Rehoming Services - Adopt Rehome Rescue Dogs AZ
Rehome My Dog Arizona is a private dog rehoming service that helps find good homes for dogs and puppies throughout Arizona. Our safe, effective and proven rehoming process ensures your dogs’ well-being and your peace of mind.

Call or text us  (800) 518-1442 for help rehoming your dog or puppy.

Dogs For Adoption in Arizona

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If you would like to meet this dog, the first step is to request a meet and greet with the owner.
nPlease provide the information requested below as completely as possible. This questionaire is not intended to be intrusive. It exists to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients, and to determine whether each dog is suitable for each applicant. Thank you for your assistance in providing this information.

Arizona Dog Rehoming Services Offered Throughout AZ

Need to find a good home for your dog in Arizona? Arizona dog rehoming service helps owners and shelters rehome dogs and puppies deserving of a second chance at a forever home. Adopt a preloved dog in AZ or contact us for help re-homing your dog today. Call or text +1 (800) 518-1442

Our dog rehoming services are offered throughout Arizona including, but not limited to, the following towns and cities in AZ:



Please carefully complete this form, providing us with as much detail as possible about your dog or puppy.nnOnce you submit this form, you will be taken to our Paypal Payments page to provide payment.nnIf you encounter any problems with this form, or have questions, please be sure to contact us by phone or email.
  • Please select the package you require from the selections below:
  • Step 1: Please tell us about you. This information will be kept confidential, and is needed so that our rehoming team can contact you.
  • Step 2: Please tell us about your dog or puppy. Please provide as much detail as possible so that we can develop an engaging and effective adoption story.
  • If known. If your dog is a mix of two or more breeds, please place the second breed in the next field. If y.ou do not know the breed at all, please put Mixed Breed.
  • If your dog is a mix, the second known breed goes here.
  • Feel free to add more information on your dog's behavior with children here.
  • Feel free to add more information on your dog's behavior with other dogs here.
  • Feel free to add more information on your dog's behavior with other dogs here.
  • Here you can tell us how you obtained your dog (ie as a puppy from a breeder, a shelter or rescue. This information helps us tell your dog's story in a compelling way, so include as much information as you feel is relevant.
  • Please list any supplies or equipment that you would like to include with your dog to the new home:
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  • Step 3: Pictures Now, let's provide a few photos with your information. Please add up to 3 photos below. You will be able to provide additional images by email once your information form is submitted.
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