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Australian Cattle Dog Labrador Retriever Mix Dog For Adoption in Denver Colorado CO

Kaia - Australian Cattle Dog Yellow Lab Mix Dog For Adoption in Denver Colorado CO

Meet Kaia – Australian Cattle Dog / Labrador Retriever Mix Dog For Adoption in Denver

Kaia is one of the most devoted dogs you will ever meet. She attaches herself to her favorite human like glue, and really makes you feel special. This pretty girl is only 4 years old. She is a lovely mix of Australian Cattle Dog and Labrador Retriever.


$75 Adoption Processing Fee. Supplies and Vet Records Included

Kaia’s life did not start out well. She was a rescue dog, and very likely was abused. Because of this, Kaia has a tendency to be fearful of strangers. She is great with other pets – both cats and dogs.  If she is given plenty of time to warm up to a person, she is good, but she gets nervous when people come up to her, and has been known to nip if they get too close and ignore the signals that she is getting anxious.

Kaia’s  owner is a young woman trying her very best to provide Kaia with a good life. Because of recent changes in both her living situation and job demands, her owner is not able to give Kaia an environment where she feels safe and secure – or the time, attention and exercise she needs and deserves.

As much as it breaks her heart to do so, Kaia’s owner is dearly hoping to find a good home for this special girl. She needs to be placed in an adults-only home with experienced owners who can keep her safe, happy and healthy. Her ideal home will be on a farm or ranch, with lots of space, something to focus on, and a lot less people around. In this type of environment, she will shine.

Kaia’s owner is willing to deliver her to a new home – even if it is on a ranch or acreage outside of the Denver area. She does a lot of traveling for work, and would have no problem bringing Kaia to Utah, Wyoming and other states within a reasonable distance.

Kaia is super smart and knows quite a few tricks. She is house broken, well behaved, funny and very cuddly and loving. She has been spayed, is up to date on shots, micro-chipped and is ready to love.

Kaia is a great little dog. She is not the dog for everyone, but in the right home, without children and a lot of visitors coming and going, she will absolutely steal your heart.

Please offer Kaia a loving, forever home today. She will be rehomed with all her supplies and veterinary records.


All About Kaia – ACD Labrador Retriever For Adoption in Denver Colorado


Location: Denver, CO – Colorado 80205
Breed: Lab/Cattle Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 4.5 – 5 years
Weight: 35 lb.
Color and Coat Type: Tan/Red Short Hair
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Up to date on vaccinations?: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with children: No
House Broken (Potty Trained) : Yes
Crate Trained: Yes
Health Issues: No
Behavior Issues: Yes

Kaia has fear aggression towards people – she will nip/bite if she feels threatened, cornered or territorial to humans. She has never had an altercation with other dogs or animals, over food or because of her toys. Her aggression leans more towards feeling anxiety or unsafe in a situation.

Kaia’s Personality

Kaia is a great pup! She is athletic, fairly high energy who loves walks, hiking and running. She loves to rumble around with other dogs and is generally a very happy go lucky dog. She likes to be near her person at all times – she will follow you into every room and will always cuddle up near to you (though she does not love being a lap dog). She loves to do tricks and is great at learning them quickly (she is very food motivated). She does get territorial over her person and her living space – she is quick to protect it and will try to be the alpha if the situation calls for it.

The 5 Best Things About Kaia

1) She always wants to be by your side!
2) She is a great buddy for staying active – she is a way better hiker/runner than I am.
3) She has a big goofy smile that lights up when you get home.
4) She loves to play fetch by rolling the ball around on the floor- she will entertain herself for 20 minutes chasing her own ball around the floor. Its hilarious.
5) She came from a really hard first year of life and has made leaps and bounds in her behavior, trust and love for humans!

Current Home Environment

Right now – we are in a small apartment in downtown Denver. We have previously lived in a house and condo situation with backyards and close-by walking trails.

Current Family

For most of Kaia’s time with me (4 years) – she has had a 2 parent home (no kids or other dogs)- where one of us usually worked from home. In the last few months – the situation has changed and it is just Kaia and her mom living together in the city. Kaia’s mom works a lot – long hours and tends to travel a lot (around Colorado and cross country).

Favorite Foods, Activities, Toys

She has her favorite Nyla Bone and Kong. She usually tears up anything soft or with a squeaker in 10 minutes so we don’t keep too many of those around. She loves Jerky strips (especially the ones from Trader Joes) as well as cheese (which we used to train her with tricks and positive reinforcement). She loves to run, hike and climb rocks – also loves to plop in lakes/rivers (she doesn’t swim – just likes to get her belly wet). She loves to run around with other dogs – especially ones that are a similar size and energy level. She has a few good doggy friends and does really well at daycare.

Cute Kaia Story

Kaia has a certain type of dog that she loves to play with/hump (if she can get away with it) – golden retrievers. She will bee-line it across the dog park if she sees one! I think she likes their coats and/or demeanor. She tries really hard to impress Goldens – and its so funny/cute to watch. The usual Alpha dog turns into a pile of puppy mush around Goldens!

Why is Kaia Being Rehomed?

This has been a heart breaking decision for me – she has been my side kick for 4 years. But really looking at what is best for her – is a home that is a bit more routine/stable for her – somewhere where the owner(s) don’t travel constantly and/or work long hours (away from the home). I am planning to travel often in the foreseeable future – and with a pup that has fear aggression with humans in unsure situations – makes it extremely difficult to take her with me.

Kaia’s Perfect New Home

I am looking for a family that will love her endlessly and who would be willing to work with her on her behavioral issues. A family that has a more routine life – possibly with a big backyard for her to run around in. A family that won’t get mad at her for reacting from an ingrained place of fear – but will sincerely and compassionately try to work with her.

Supplies and Accessories Included:

Doggy food, favorite treats, leashes, harness, muzzle, toys and her bandannas (she loves to wear them!)

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