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Malti-Poo For Adoption Savannah GA Area – Adopt Chops The Maltipoo in Georgia

Chops – Maltipoo Maltese Toy Poodle Mix Dog For Adioption Pooler GA Georgia 1

Meet Chops – 25 Pound MaltiPoo For Adoption in Pooler GA Near Savannah

Location: Pooler, Ga 31322
Name: Chops
Breed: Maltese/Poodle mix Maltipoo
Age: 8 years
Size: 25 lbs
Color: White curly/medium length
Health Issues: No
Chops is:
Neutered, Fully vaccinated, House Broken
Chops is Good With: Older Children, Adults, Dogs
Health Issues: No

Behavior Issues: Barking & Separation Anxiety
Chops barks at noises such as passing cars in the neighborhood or the ringing of a door bell. He also displays characteristics of separation anxiety. His symptoms are reduced when he’s had a day of full exercise. Unfortunately, due to our busy schedules, Chops doesn’t get the amount of exercise he needs to cope with anxiety.

How To Adopt Chops

If you are interested in adopting Chops, the first step is to fill out our online meeting request form. Once received and reviewed, our staff will send your information to the owner, who will contact you to arrange a meet up.

There is a $75 adoption processing fee, payable when you fill out our online adoption agreement, after you have met with Chops and his owners. Veterinary records and any supplies the owners have on hand will be provided to his new home.

If you have questions about this pet or the adoption process, please feel free to contact our pet rehoming coordinator. If email is difficult for you, please call toll free (888) 720-3322.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Pooler is located near Savannnah GA and close to .

ALL ABOUT Chops – 25 Pound Malti-Poo For Adoption Near Savannah GA

Chops is the quintessential lap dog. He loves nothing more than to cuddle up on your lap and bask in the glow of the dog-human connection. Like many small lap dog breeds, Chops has some separation anxiety – he does not enjoy being left home alone. When this happens, Chops tends to do quite a bit of barking; he is best suited for a home with a dog lover that is retired, or works from home.

Chops has a good amount of energy and really enjoys going for walks and playing. He does not enjoy car rides, however.

Chops owners love him so much. He has been their baby since he was a puppy. They recently started a family, and it has become clear that Chops is very nervous around small children. As the baby is becoming more mobile, Chops has been showing signs of anxiety and has snapped at their son.

Additionally, since the arrival of their son, the owners have not been able to give Chops the time, attention and exercise he needs and very much deserves.

They are dearly hoping to find Chops a loving home where all of his needs and wants are met. A home with a loving owner who will cherish him and keep him safe, happy and healthy. The owners would love to keep in touch with Chops, so hopefully that will be OK with his new owners.

Chops will be rehomed with all of his supplies and vet records. If you have the right situation for Chops and would like to offer him a loving home, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why is Chops Being Placed For Adoption?

My wife and I welcomed our first baby to our family in November of 2015. Since then, we have noticed that the time we can dedicate toward Chops has gone down. Furthermore, Chops has experienced some jealousy issues toward our son. He sometimes snaps at our son, and appears to be anxious around him. It appears that Chops would benefit from the rehoming program, assuming that the proper household is found for him.


Chops is a very active and playful dog. He loves playing with toys and going for walks. He does not like riding in the car or loud noises. He’s very much a lapdog. Chops prefers to be on a lap and embraced with love.

Feeding Routine

Chops currently is being fed:

We feed Chops Pedigree Dog Food.

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