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Rehome My Dog offers private dog rehoming packages to suit every comfort level – and every budget. Whether you need just a little help finding a good home for your dog – or a lot of help, our knowledgeable dog rehoming experts can help.

Questions about our private dog rehoming packages? Call us toll-free at or contact us here.

Puppies for Adoption - Private Puppy Adoption Services - Adopt a Puppy Near You

Basic Package

 One Time Fee: $39.95

  • SEO Optimized Adoption Story Web Page
  • Display up to 6 Photos
  • Your Contact Information Listed on Page
  • Our PDF Dog Rehoming Process Guide
  • Listings on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
cute dog photo

Basic Plus Package

 One Time Fee: $139.95

  • Dedicated Support by Email.
  • Professionally Written Adoption Story.
  • SEO Optimized Adoption Story Web Page.
  • Display up to 10 Photos.
  • Video displayed on our YouTube channel. (Optimized for SEO)
  • Premium Ads Posted on 2 Popular Dog Adoption Websites.
  • Listings on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages.
  • Online Adoption Application /w Entries Sent to You By Email.
  • Background check on up to 2 applicants of your choosing.
  • Online Adoption Agreement
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Complete Package

 One Time Fee: $239.95

  • Telephone Consultation /w Dog Rehoming Team
  • Dedicated Support From Dog Rehoming Team
  • Dedicated Adoption HOTLINE Number For Your Dog
  • Professionally Written Adoption Story
  • SEO Optimized Adoption Story Web Page
  • Your Dog FEATURED on our Home Page
  • Up to 12 Photos
  • Professionally Edited Adoption Video Displayed on our YouTubeVimeo, Instagram and Facebook  Channels
  • Your Contact Information Stays Private – our dog rehoming team  deals with preliminary calls, texts and emails from prospective adopters for you.
  • Dedicated Adoption Application Form (Applications sent to our team for pre-screening.
  • Screening and background checks on unlimited number of applicants
  • Dedicated Adoption Agreement
  • Maximum Exposure Premium Listings on all of our social media channels;
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Linked In
    • Google Plus
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Reddit
    • Tumblr
  • Post-Adoption After Care For You
  • Post-Adoption Follow Up With New Owners
  • Rehoming Guarantee for up to 1 year.

Order Private Dog Rehoming Services Here:

Order Dog Rehoming Services Here:


Please carefully complete this form, providing us with as much detail as possible about your dog or puppy.nnOnce you submit this form, you will be taken to our Paypal Payments page to provide payment.nnIf you encounter any problems with this form, or have questions, please be sure to contact us by phone or email.
  • Please select the package you require from the selections below:
  • Step 1: Please tell us about you. This information will be kept confidential, and is needed so that our rehoming team can contact you.
  • Step 2: Please tell us about your dog or puppy. Please provide as much detail as possible so that we can develop an engaging and effective adoption story.
  • If known. If your dog is a mix of two or more breeds, please place the second breed in the next field. If y.ou do not know the breed at all, please put Mixed Breed.
  • If your dog is a mix, the second known breed goes here.
  • Feel free to add more information on your dog's behavior with children here.
  • Feel free to add more information on your dog's behavior with other dogs here.
  • Feel free to add more information on your dog's behavior with other dogs here.
  • Here you can tell us how you obtained your dog (ie as a puppy from a breeder, a shelter or rescue. This information helps us tell your dog's story in a compelling way, so include as much information as you feel is relevant.
  • Please list any supplies or equipment that you would like to include with your dog to the new home:
    Add a new row
  • Step 3: Pictures Now, let's provide a few photos with your information. Please add up to 3 photos below. You will be able to provide additional images by email once your information form is submitted.
  • What is 2 + 2 + 6 = ?
    Please enter a value between 9 and 11.
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