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Shih Tzu Dog Names

Good Ideas For Great Shih Tzu Dog and Puppy Names

Shih Tzus are one of the most charming, funny, affectionate and adorable breeds of dog you’ll find. Small, but not fragile, spunky, but not obnoxious, these Chinese charmers have been a favorite among small dog lovers the world over for decades. The breed has a long and illustrious history; having warmed the laps of Chinese Imperial royalty, celebrities and other important historical figures. The unique facial structure and long, luxurious coat in a rainbow of colors and color mixes makes the Shih Tzu a beautiful and unique looking breed. And despite his smaller size, the Shih Tzu is quite athletic and playful. He gets along well with other dogs, cats and kids.

So here are some interesting and unique ideas for Shih Tzu dog names. We’ve separated them by male and female to make it easier for you.

Female Shih Tzu Names (Girl Shih Tzu Puppy Names)

Male Shih Tzu Names (Boy Shih Tzu Puppy Names)

 Dim Sum – Coco – Golden – Cookie – Dynasty – Mai Ling – Jade – China – Asia – Empress – Silken
Swiffer – Emerald – Silver – Blossom – Charm – Fortune – Ling Ling – Ming – Leechee – Su Mai – Jasmine – Pearl – Song – Wen
 Tibet – Lucky – Chow – Noodle – Shanghai – Peking – Emperor – Monk – Swiffer – Won Ton – Dumpling – Dragon – Wok
Ewok – Token – Wong – Chi – Gung Ho – Chang – Ying – Mongol – Honor – Ping – Pong – Tao – Ying – Yang

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