Basset Hounds

Basset Hound Dog Breed Information Guide

Basset Hound Appearance

Although small for the hound group, Bassets are medium sized dogs. Full grown Basset Hounds generally weigh between 55 and 65 pounds, and rarely stand more than 20 inches tall. Pleading eyes and long, droopy ears are the trademark characteristics of Basset Hounds. Most Bassets have white coats covered with random black and brown patches. Their hair is short, does not shed badly, and requires very little grooming.

Basset Hound Temperament

Basset Hounds tend to be sweet natured, loving canines. They are gentle, affectionate, and crave attention. Bassets love children and adults alike, and enjoy spending time with their human families. They also tend to get along well with other canines, so they are good choices for households with more than one dog.

Basset Hound Exercise Info

Basset Hounds enjoy being sedentary, and make excellent house and apartment dogs. They are perfectly content to lounge around all day while their owners are at work. If you are looking for a dog to tag along on your daily runs, a Basset Hound is not the best pet for you. While Bassets do need daily exercise, walking is much more their style than running or even jogging.

Exercise is not something that a Basset Hound enjoys at all, unless of course he or she is hot on the trail of a scent. Basset Hounds are known for their exceptional smelling abilities, and were actually bred specifically for that purpose. Smaller than other scent hounds, these dogs were originally bred for the purposes of being able to track scents through areas in which larger hounds are not able to travel.

Even though Basset Hounds don\’t enjoy exercise, it is vital that they get regular exercise in order to remain healthy and avoid becoming obese. Bassets love to eat with the same level of passion that they loathe to exercise. Left to their own devices, Basset Hounds will eat everything they possibly can. To keep your dog from becoming overweight and developing associated health problems, it is important to closely monitor his or her diet and enforce regular exercise.

Basset Hound Grooming Info

Basset Hound Training Info

In addition to their loving natures, the typical Basset personality is also characterized by stubbornness. The best time to start obedience training with your Basset Hound is when he or she is very young, before his or her stubborn streak has time to fully develop. Adult Bassets can be somewhat difficult to train.

Basset Hound Health Info

Is a Basset Hound Right For You?

Basset Hounds can be the ideal choice for individuals and families who are looking for a gentle and affectionate pet that loves people and craves human company. You dont need a big yard to keep your Basset Hound happy. All your pet needs from you is love, attention, and affection. If you are ready to open your heart to a Basset, your new dog will surely return the favor.

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