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Welcoming a Cheeky Companion: Naming Your Cheeks Puppy

When you bring a Cheeks puppy into your life—a delightful hybrid of the Chihuahua and Pekingese dog breeds—you’re signing up for a blend of charm, sass, and a whole lot of personality.

This adorable little pooch combines the fierce loyalty of the Pekingese dog with the boldness of the Chihuahua, offering a unique canine character that deserves a name just as distinctive.

Drawing inspiration from their origins, the regal and spirited histories of Mexico and China, let’s explore some creative and unique dog names suggestions for your new furry friend.

Girl Cheeks Puppy Names

The names for girl Cheeks puppies can reflect the elegance and grace often associated with the imperial history of China as well as the vibrant, lively culture of Mexico.

Here are fifty suggestions:

  1. Luna (moon in Spanish)
  2. Mei (beautiful in Chinese)
  3. Rosa (rose in Spanish)
  4. Lian (lotus in Chinese)
  5. Bella (beautiful in Spanish)
  6. Ying (cherry blossom in Chinese)
  7. Estrella (star in Spanish)
  8. Hua (flower in Chinese)
  9. Paloma (dove in Spanish)
  10. Xiu (elegant in Chinese)
  11. Carmen (garden in Spanish)
  12. Feng (phoenix in Chinese)
  13. Mariposa (butterfly in Spanish)
  14. Zhen (precious in Chinese)
  15. Luz (light in Spanish)
  16. Qiao (skillful in Chinese)
  17. Sol (sun in Spanish)
  18. Bao (treasure in Chinese)
  19. Vida (life in Spanish)
  20. Fei (to fly in Chinese)
  21. Alegría (joy in Spanish)
  22. Ning (serene in Chinese)
  23. Esperanza (hope in Spanish)
  24. Luli (dewy jasmine in Chinese)
  25. Flor (flower in Spanish)
  26. Ming (bright in Chinese)
  27. Sirena (mermaid in Spanish)
  28. Xiulan (magnolia in Chinese)
  29. Cielo (sky in Spanish)
  30. Pei (admirable in Chinese)
  31. Gitana (gypsy in Spanish)
  32. Shu (kind, gentle in Chinese)
  33. Corazon (heart in Spanish)
  34. Yanyan (flame in Chinese)
  35. Bonita (pretty in Spanish)
  36. Lan (orchid in Chinese)
  37. Pilar (pillar in Spanish)
  38. Li (strength in Chinese)
  39. Amor (love in Spanish)
  40. Lin (forest in Chinese)
  41. Dulce (sweet in Spanish)
  42. Zhi (wise in Chinese)
  43. Paz (peace in Spanish)
  44. Ju (chrysanthemum in Chinese)
  45. Brisa (breeze in Spanish)
  46. Huan (joyous in Chinese)
  47. Sierra (mountain range in Spanish)
  48. Lixue (pretty snow in Chinese)
  49. Nieve (snow in Spanish)
  50. Jing (crystal in Chinese)

Boy Cheeks Puppy Names

Boy Cheeks puppies often exude a noble yet cheeky aura, mirroring the proud heritage of their breed’s backgrounds. Here are fifty names that capture their dynamic spirit:

  1. Diego (teaching in Spanish)
  2. Long (dragon in Chinese)
  3. Marco (warlike in Spanish)
  4. Jian (strong in Chinese)
  5. Julio (youthful in Spanish)
  6. Feng (wind in Chinese)
  7. Mateo (gift of God in Spanish)
  8. Wei (great in Chinese)
  9. Pablo (small in Spanish)
  10. Lei (thunder in Chinese)
  11. Carlos (free man in Spanish)
  12. Ming (bright in Chinese)
  13. Santiago (Saint James in Spanish)
  14. Bao (treasure in Chinese)
  15. Alonso (noble and ready in Spanish)
  16. Chao (surpassing in Chinese)
  17. Felipe (lover of horses in Spanish)
  18. Hao (good in Chinese)
  19. Ricardo (strong ruler in Spanish)
  20. Jun (truthful in Chinese)
  21. Javier (bright in Spanish)
  22. Ping (stable in Chinese)
  23. Enrique (home ruler in Spanish)
  24. Tao (peach, symbol of longevity in Chinese)
  25. Victor (conqueror in Spanish)
  26. Xun (fast in Chinese)
  27. Raul (wolf counsel in Spanish)
  28. Shen (spirit, deep thought in Chinese)
  29. Ignacio (fiery in Spanish)
  30. Guo (the wall in Chinese)
  31. Salvador (savior in Spanish)
  32. Jianyu (building the universe in Chinese)
  33. Manuel (God is with us in Spanish)
  34. Hui (splendor in Chinese)
  35. Esteban (crowned in glory in Spanish)
  36. Zhi (wise in Chinese)
  37. Josue (God is salvation in Spanish)
  38. Qiang (strong in Chinese)
  39. Fernando (adventurous in Spanish)
  40. Shan (mountain in Chinese)
  41. Guillermo (resolute protector in Spanish)
  42. Lei (bud in Chinese)
  43. Dante (enduring in Spanish)
  44. Kang (well-being in Chinese)
  45. Cesar (long-haired in Spanish)
  46. Bin (refined in Chinese)
  47. Hugo (mind, intellect in Spanish)
  48. An (peace in Chinese)
  49. Ramon (wise protector in Spanish)
  50. Yi (righteousness in Chinese)

Non-Gender Specific Cheeks Puppy Names

For the Cheeks puppy whose personality might not fit traditional gender lines, or for those who prefer more universal names, here are fifty non-gender specific names inspired by both Mexican and Chinese elements:

  1. Chispa (spark in Spanish)
  2. Bai (pure in Chinese)
  3. Sol (sun in Spanish)
  4. Jie (clean in Chinese)
  5. Río (river in Spanish)
  6. Lin (forest in Chinese)
  7. Paz (peace in Spanish)
  8. Tao (longevity in Chinese)
  9. Viento (wind in Spanish)
  10. Shan (mountain in Chinese)
  11. Luz (light in Spanish)
  12. Ming (bright in Chinese)
  13. Mar (sea in Spanish)
  14. Hui (splendor in Chinese)
  15. Estrella (star in Spanish)
  16. Fei (to fly in Chinese)
  17. Rojo (red in Spanish)
  18. Lei (thunder in Chinese)
  19. Cielo (sky in Spanish)
  20. Xi (joy in Chinese)
  21. Nube (cloud in Spanish)
  22. Yue (moon in Chinese)
  23. Ola (wave in Spanish)
  24. Xing (star in Chinese)
  25. Piedra (stone in Spanish)
  26. Hai (sea in Chinese)
  27. Bosque (forest in Spanish)
  28. Lan (orchid in Chinese)
  29. Arena (sand in Spanish)
  30. Jing (crystal in Chinese)
  31. Tierra (earth in Spanish)
  32. Huan (joyous in Chinese)
  33. Fuego (fire in Spanish)
  34. Lian (lotus in Chinese)
  35. Cascada (waterfall in Spanish)
  36. Bin (refined in Chinese)
  37. Brisa (breeze in Spanish)
  38. Wei (great in Chinese)
  39. Sierra (mountain range in Spanish)
  40. Guo (the wall in Chinese)
  41. Sombra (shadow in Spanish)
  42. Kang (well-being in Chinese)
  43. Llama (flame in Spanish)
  44. Zhen (precious in Chinese)
  45. Roca (rock in Spanish)
  46. Ping (stable in Chinese)
  47. Eclipse (eclipse in Spanish)
  48. Jia (good in Chinese)
  49. Astro (star in Spanish)
  50. Yan (flame in Chinese)

Choosing a name for your boy or girl Cheeks puppy is not just a fun first step in bonding, but also a reflection of their unique blend of cultures and characteristics. Whether you lean towards names that highlight their regal ancestry, their lively personalities, or something entirely unique, the perfect name awaits among these inspired choices.

Enjoy the process of naming your new furry friend, and may they bring much joy and companionship into your life!

Did you adopt or purchase a Chheks dog or puppy? Send us a photo and a little bio of your dog, and we’ll feature them in our upcoming “Meet My Dog” section. Just email to [email protected].

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