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Sweet Senior Dog on a blue background

Senior Dog Nutrition 101: Essential Tips for Nourishing Your Aging Companion

As our furry friends age, their nutritional needs change. Senior dogs require a diet that supports their aging bodies and promotes overall health. In Senior Dog Nutrition 101, we provide essential tips to help you nourish your aging companion. From choosing the right food to incorporating supplements, this guide will ensure your senior dog thrives in their golden years.
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Photo of a dog wearing a leather vest and a spiked collar

Neutering Your Male Dog

If you have a male dog and don’t plan on breeding him, it may be advantageous to have him neutered. How does neutering your male dog affect him and what are the advantages of neutering your dog? Neutering your dog…

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dog with gleaming white teeth

Dog Dental Care

Keeping Your Dogs Teeth Healthy It’s a little known fact that your dog’s tooth care is critical to his health and longevity. It’s important that his gums and teeth be clean and free of tartar and plaque. When your dog’s…

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Pulmonic Stenosis in Dogs

Regular checkups are important to your dog\'s wellbeing and longevity, particularly if a heart murmur is detected. Pulmonic stenosis in dogs (or Heart Murmur, as it is often referred to by) is a common hereditary disorder of the heart in…

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