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Is pet insurance for your cherished dog the right choice for you?

Dog Health Insurance Guide – Article discusses types of pet health insurance, costs of pet health insurance, things to consider when purchasing pet health insurance and offers alternatives to pet insurance.

What Type of Pet Health Insurance is Right for You?

Pets have become like children to millions of families all over the world. This means pet owners are willing to go above and beyond when it comes to the health of their pets. Costly surgeries or medications that were once laughed at are now considered necessary for pet care.

This costly health care for pets has left a need for pet insurance. There are a couple of different types of pet insurance that each family should review for themselves. Before you purchase a pet insurance policy, make sure it suits your family and addresses your individual pet needs.

Types of Pet Health Insurance Plans

Like health insurance for humans, there is a standard plan and a premium plan for pet insurance. The standard health insurance usually runs about $10 per month and only covers basic veterinary bills. Things like yearly check-ups and shots are usually included in the basic pet insurance plan.

The premium plan, however, usually runs about $18-$20 per month. It covers almost everything a veterinarian would need to keep your pet healthy. Labs and medications are included in the premium plans.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Pet Health Insurance

Typically, dogs cost more to keep healthy than cats. In fact, dogs that are purebred usually have more problems than mixed breeds. Not only do purebred dogs cost you more money to purchase, they also cost more to keep healthy.

Another thing to consider is that, unlike car insurance, your pet is covered even if he is under the care of someone else when he gets sick or hurt.

What Type of Pet Health Insurance Plan is Right for You

Dog insurance is not right for everyone. If you feel, however, that no expense is too high to keep your pet alive and healthy, pet insurance should be considered.

A mere $10-$20 per month could keep your mind at ease incase of emergency. Certain pet surgeries can cost over $2000. Is that something you would be able to shell out if you didn’t have pet insurance?

If money is no object, insurance is not right for you. If you have a dog or cat, however, that is more a part of your family than a pet, at least consider basic pet insurance.

Alternatives to Pet Health Insurance

If you don’t have the money to pay for pet insurance, or think it is just plain silly, there is something else you can do. Do the old fashioned thing and save your money.

Each month put away as much as you can for your pet in case of emergency. If you only have $5, just put in $5. If a pet emergency happens, you will have a little cushion of money to help during your time of need. Being completely unprepared is the worst than you can do.

Pet insurance is becoming more and more popular. For some people it is simply frivolous. For others it is one of the necessities of being a pet owner.

Wherever you fall, make sure you have weighed all the options before you make adecision about whether or not to purchase pet insurance.

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