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The Aquarius Dog

Oh, the Aquarius Dog. Picture, if you will, a dog with a tinfoil hat, fervently barking at the microwave because it believes it’s communicating with aliens. That’s an Aquarius dog for you. They’re often found howling at full moons, chasing shadows, and digging holes in search of a parallel universe.

With a mind as free as their off-leash park, Aquarius dogs are the eccentric thinkers of the canine zodiac. They’re the doggy equivalent of that one college roommate you had who was always trying to start a “revolution” against the tyranny of 8 am classes. Aquarius dogs are innovative and original, always coming up with new ways to steal your sandwich when you’re not looking, or create a modern art masterpiece on your rug with a stolen tube of lipstick.

They’re also humanitarian, often seen distributing their toys among their less fortunate stuffed animals. But don’t try to understand them, their thoughts are like a game of fetch – constantly in motion and usually involving a lot of slobber.

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