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Pisces dog horoscopes for December 2023

December 2023 Horoscope for Pisces Pooch:

As the end of the year approaches, the winter chill is in the air and you, Pisces pooch, may sense a shift in your energy. This month, you’ll be driven by your intuition more than ever. The scent of the holiday roasts wafting through the house will call to you. You might find yourself sneaking around more, tail wagging, hoping for a dropped morsel or two. But beware of that sly cat sister of yours who is also on the prowl for extra treats. A little sibling rivalry never hurt anyone, but keep your eyes on the prize – the leftover turkey!

The twinkling lights on the tree may tempt you to indulge in some festive mischief, but be warned, those shiny baubles are not dog toys! Instead, take this time to show off your keen intellect and charm. Show your human family how well you can sit and stay, and you might just land yourself an extra biscuit or two. Also, with the household hustle and bustle, take some time to enjoy the quiet moments. Find your favorite spot by the fireplace and dream about chasing squirrels and digging holes in the upcoming spring.

As the New Year approaches, you may find yourself reflecting on the past year. Did you bark enough at the mailman? Have you sniffed enough butts at the park? Don’t fret too much, Pisces pup. Remember, every day is a new opportunity for adventures and belly rubs.

And now, for this week’s lucky lottery numbers: 3, 8, 21, 24, 37, and 44. If your human wins big, remind them who gave them those lucky digits. Donations in the form of treats and new chew toys are always appreciated!

Remember, Pisces pooch, this is your month to shine. So, wag that tail, chase that ball, and let your howl be heard!

Deborah Moore is a writer, website designer and pet information expert, focused on dog adoption and rehoming for the past 10 years.

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