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Sagittarius Dog Horoscope for December 2023


Final bark of the year, Sagittarius pooch! This month, the stars and fire hydrants align in your favor. Jupiter, your ruling planet, has made its annual trip to the butcher shop,but so expect a surplus of delicious bones and table scraps. The holiday season means an increase in house guests, and while they might steal your favorite spot on the couch, remember that many hands make light work of belly rubs. However, beware of the sneaky cat sibling lurking in the shadows, ready to swipe the last piece of turkey when no one’s looking.

Your adventurous spirit is in high gear, Sagittarius dog. With snowfall on the horizon, your natural curiosity will be piqued by the transformation of your backyard into a winter wonderland. Don’t hesitate to frolic and play, even if the chilly temperatures make your tail tuck. Now is the time to chase your dreams, whether they involve finally catching that squirrel or mastering the art of fetching the morning newspaper. Just remember, not all snow is yellow.

As the year wraps up, you might find yourself reflecting on your doggy bucket list. Have you sniffed enough butts this year? Did you manage to scare off the mailman? Whatever your goals, remember that every day is a new opportunity to chase your tail and dream big. Don’t let that pesky cat sibling discourage you; after all, they spend most of their time sleeping and plotting world domination.

As for your lucky lottery numbers, tell your owner to play 7, 12, 23, 19, 32, and 45. If they win, remind them that you predicted it (treats as a thank you would be much appreciated!). After all, a psychic Chihuahua has to keep up his kibble supply. Here’s to a tail-wagging, bone-crunching, squirrel-chasing new year!

Deborah Moore is a writer, website designer and pet information expert, focused on dog adoption and rehoming for the past 10 years.

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