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Female posh dog wearing satin ribbons and wide brimmed hat.

Glamorous and Grand: Female Designer Dog Names for the Luxe Puppy

Looking for female designer dog names? When it comes to pampering your precious pooch, selecting the perfect name is akin to choosing a fine wine—it requires a discerning palate and an appreciation for the finer things in life. For those who wish to bestow upon their furry companion a moniker that exudes opulence and grandeur, the world of designer and luxurious names offers a treasure trove of possibilities. After all, why settle for the mundane when your canine can carry a name that sparkles with elegance and prestige?

Imagine calling out to your four-legged princess in the park with a name that turns heads and prompts knowing nods among the elite dog-walking community. “Chanel,” you might call out, and instantly, images of timeless fashion and French sophistication come to mind.

Or perhaps “Tiffany,” evoking the iconic blue box and the allure of sparkling jewels. These names are not just identifiers; they are statements, declarations of a lifestyle that celebrates the glamorous and grand.

Royalty Inspired Female Dog Names

For the pooch who is destined to strut her stuff with the poise of royalty, “Duchess” or “Queenie” might be fitting. These names carry a regal air, perfect for the dog who knows she’s in command of her domain. And let’s not forget “Empress,” a name that suggests she’s not just ruling the roost, but an entire empire. With such a name, your pup is sure to command respect and perhaps a throne of her own—preferably one with plush cushions.

Other “Royal” Girl Dog Names to Consider

– Princess
– Lady
– Countess
– Majesty
– Tiara
– Regal
– Sovereign
– Noble
– Aristocrat
– Crown
– Monarch
– Balmoral (after the royal castle)
– Windsor (after the royal family name)
– Zara (after Zara Tindall, a member of the British royal family)
– Beatrice (after Princess Beatrice of York)
– Eugenie (after Princess Eugenie of York)
– Fergie (after Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York)
– Di (short for Diana, after Princess Diana)
– Kate (after Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge)
– Meghan (after Meghan, Duchess of Sussex)
– Pippa (inspired by Pippa Middleton, sister to the Duchess of Cambridge)
– Charlotte (after Princess Charlotte of Cambridge)
– Savannah (after Savannah Phillips, another member of the British royal family)

Mythology Inspired Female Dog Names

Why stop at royalty when you can venture into the realm of mythology and legend? “Athena,” after the Greek goddess of wisdom, could be a splendid choice for the intelligent and noble breed. Or “Freya,” named for the Norse goddess of love and beauty, for the dog that captures every heart. These names carry with them stories of power and grace, perfect for a dog with a personality as rich as her pedigree.

Other Mythology Inspired Female Dog Names

Freya (Norse)

– Athena (Greek)
– Artemis (Greek)
– Hera (Greek)
– Persephone (Greek)
– Aphrodite (Greek)
– Demeter (Greek)
– Hestia (Greek)
– Bastet (Egyptian)
– Isis (Egyptian)
– Anubis (Egyptian, typically male but used for females as well)
– Sekhmet (Egyptian)
– Amaterasu (Japanese)
– Izanami (Japanese)
– Kali (Hindu)
– Parvati (Hindu)
– Durga (Hindu)
– Saraswati (Hindu)
– Lakshmi (Hindu)
– Rhiannon (Celtic)
– Brigid (Celtic)
– Morrigan (Celtic)
– Epona (Celtic)
– Ixtab (Mayan)
– Xochiquetzal (Aztec)
– Coatlicue (Aztec)
– Pachamama (Incan)
– Sedna (Inuit)
– Idun (Norse)
– Sif (Norse)
– Skadi (Norse)
– Frigg (Norse)
– Nüwa (Chinese)
– Chang’e (Chinese)
– Mazu (Chinese)
– Benzaiten (Japanese)
– Uzume (Japanese)
– Pele (Hawaiian)
– Hina (Polynesian)
– Oshun (Yoruba)
– Yemaya (Yoruba)
– Mawu (West African)
– Aine (Irish)
– Ceridwen (Welsh)

Luxury Inspired Female Dog Names

For the canine connoisseur of all things luxurious, consider names that evoke the spirit of exotic locales and the essence of adventure. “Sahara,” reminiscent of vast, sun-kissed deserts, or “Vienna,” calling to mind the elegance of Austrian balls and classical music, could be the ticket to a world of high-end escapades. These names are not just tags; they are invitations to a life filled with excitement and opulence.

Other Luxury Inspired Girl Puppy Names


– Versace
– Cartier
– Tiffany
– Gucci
– Prada
– Dolce (short for Dolce & Gabbana)
– Hermes
– Vuitton (as in Louis Vuitton)
– Bvlgari
– Givenchy
– Fendi
– Armani
– Valentino
– Dior
– Yves (as in Yves Saint Laurent)
– Balenciaga
– Louboutin (after Christian Louboutin)
– Pucci (after Emilio Pucci)
– Gabbana (from Dolce & Gabbana)
– Miu Miu (a subsidiary of Prada)
– Chopard (a luxury watch and jewelry brand)
– Elie (as in Elie Saab)
– Kenzo
– Lanvin
– Stella (after Stella McCartney)
– Vivienne (as in Vivienne Westwood)
– McQueen (after Alexander McQueen)
– Tom Ford
– Burberry
– Rolex
– Van Cleef (as in Van Cleef & Arpels, a jewelry company)
– Boucheron (a French jewelry house)

Gemstone Inspired Female Dog Names

Of course, for the dog that is nothing short of a gem in your eyes, why not name her after one? “Ruby,” “Pearl,” or “Jade” are names that shine with a luster that matches the gleam in her eyes. These names are as precious as the stones they represent, and they promise a lifetime of luxury and affection.

Other Gemstone Inspired Girl Puppy Names


– Topaz
– Opal
– Emerald
– Amethyst
– Garnet
– Citrine
– Diamond
– Peridot
– Aquamarine
– Onyx
– Turquoise
– Coral
– Tanzanite
– Amber
– Iolite
– Quartz
– Morganite
– Beryl
– Spinel
– Zircon
– Lapis (short for Lapis Lazuli)
– Moonstone
– Sunstone
– Larimar
– Tourmaline
– Malachite

In the end, choosing a glamorous and grand name for your female puppy is an exercise in creativity and a celebration of her unique charm. Whether she’s more of a “Bijou” or a “Coco,” her name will be a reflection of both her spirit and your own taste for the extravagant.

So go ahead, indulge in the posh and the prestigious—after all, a dog with such a distinguished name deserves nothing less than the best. And who knows? With a name like that, she might just leap into a world where every day is a walk on the luxurious side.

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