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All About the Hungarian Vizsla


Looking to add an attractive redhead to your life? The Hungarian Vizsla, with it\’s gleaming russet coat, beautiful bone structure and intelligent, eager nature is sure to fit the bill. This native of Hungary is renowned in it\’s homeland as an all-round sporting dog and family companion.

The water-loving Vizsla is particularly adept as a pointer of game and reliable water fowl retriever. This medium sized breed stands approximately 21 to 25 inches high, and weighs between 44 and 66 pounds. Active and athletic, the Vizsla is a great choice for active families.

Loyal and affectionate, this intelligent breed makes a wonderful companion, and is easily trained with consistent effort and a firm hand. The Vizsla needs plenty of regular, daily outdoor exercise, and is best suited to a home in the country. Grooming needs are minimal, the short, shiny coat just needs polishing with a soft cloth every now and then to keep it gleaming, fiery red.

If you are looking for a beautiful, energetic, intelligent and affectionate family companion, a Vizsla puppy may just be the right choice for you!

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Vizsla Facts

The Vizsla is a dog breed from Hungary and belongs to the Federation Cynologique Internationale group 7, the Canadian Kennel Club group 1, and the American Kennel Club. The Hungarian or Magyar Vizsla or Smooth-Haired Vizsla are sporting dogs and loyal companions. Wikipedia

Hypoallergenic: No
Life expectancy: 12 – 15 years
Temperament: Affectionate, Energetic, Loyal, Quiet, Gentle
Weight: Male: 20–29 kg, Female: 18–25 kg
Height: Male: 56–64 cm, Female: 53–61 cm
Colors: Golden Rust, Golden, Red Golden

Vizsla History

The Hungarian Vizsla, pronounced Vizh-la (zh as in vision), is a dog breed originating in Hungary. Vizslas are known as excellent game bird hunting dogs, and also have a level personality making them suited for families.
There are two prevailing theories pertaining to the Vizsla\’s history.

The first, and most prevalent theory traces the Vizsla back to very early times in Hungarian history. Ancestors of todays\’s Vizsla were the hunting dogs used by the Magyar tribes living in the Carpathian Basin in the Eighth Century. Primitive stone etchings seem to validate this theory.

The other theory holds that the Vizsla is a product of the past century, having been the product of Weimaraners and other pointer breeds.

Vizsla Appearance

\"VizslaVizslas are often mistaken for ridgeless Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and physically likened to Weimaraners, their German cousins.

The breed comes in either of two coat types: smooth or wire-haired. The CKC and the KC(UK) consider the short-haired and wire-haired as separate breeds. Male Vizslas typically weigh between 55 and 65 lbs (25-29 kg), females 45-55 lbs (20-25 kg).

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Vizsla Temperament

Generally calm, intelligent, easy to train and protective in his loyalty – though not aggressively protective. Energetic and lively, well-mannered, affectionate though fearless with a well developed protective instinct. As a scenting dog, sensitive but should not be shy.

Vizsla Exercise Info

An energentic dog, the Vizsla needs regular exercise and a chance to exert himself at times. Regular play-time as well as walking would be a good idea. Like all sporting breeds, Vizslas require a good deal of exercise to remain healthy and happy. A bored Viszla is a destructive Viszla who is likely to engage in unwanted behavior, including chewing anything and everything in your home. Thirty minutes to an hour of exercise daily in a large off-leash area is optimal.

Vizsla Grooming Info

Care and upkeep of your Vizsla dog or puppy is relatively simple – a gentle brushing, once or twice a week, will suffice and will help to keep his coat glossy by stimulating the oils in his coat and helping to free and remove any dander. To brush your Vizsla, use a soft-bristled brush and go with the grain of hair, brushing in a gentle and flicking motion.

He will love the free back-scratching and look forward to your time spent together. A Vizsla shouldn’t need to be bathed too often either; once or twice a month is usually a good bet, provided that you don’t have an individual who rivals the old Peanuts character “Pig Pen.”

Aside from this, the only other major grooming needs that a Vizsla requires are keeping his nails clipped, his ears clean and, if he will let you, his teeth brushed. Should tooth-brushing be an issue, however, there are a variety of toys and treats now available, which help to reduce tartar build up and tooth decay.

Vizsla Training Aids

Vizsla Training Info

Vizslas are very intelligent and take to training well.

The Vizsla is a very intelligent breed and one that possesses a great deal of stamina and control. For these reasons, he can sometimes be a bit of a handle for the inexperienced but, once you know where you‘re going, it‘s relatively easy. Obedience classes are highly recommended, particularly if you are inexperienced with training dogs – not only does it teach your dog basic commands and obedience, but it also teaches you how better to understand your new puppy, and what methods he best responds to. In no time, you two are sure to be teaching one another new tricks.

Vizsla Health Info

Like any breed of dog, the Vizsla is subject to a variety of health concerns. Your best bet is, when deciding to choose a new Vizsla puppy, check around with several breeders and ask about the various health issues that can affect these beautiful little dogs. A reputable breeder should be well-versed in the health concerns and should be able to give you more details, as well as showing you the sire and dam of your potential puppy. Some of the health problems that can affect Vizslas include:

  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Eye Problems
  • Hip Dysplasia

Is a Vizsla Right For You?

The Vizsla is a very beautiful and energetic athlete but, despite all that, there is no guarantee that he is the right dog for you. Requiring a great amount of exercise and frequent trips to places where he can stretch his legs, he is ill-suited for small places like apartments.

Despite his sweet face, the Hungarian Pointer can be a troublemaker in his own right, and will quickly show his displeasure by chewing on your favorite slippers. For some, however, this is the ideal dog for them – If you like an energetic and hard-working hunting dog, you may very well need to try one of these magnificent canines today!

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