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Bernese Mountain Dog appearance is majestic; they are one of the most strikingly beautiful and easily recognizable giant dog breeds. They are large and powerful, but also gentle and well-mannered, which is reflected in their appearance.

Size: Bernese Mountain Dogs are quite large, with males typically weighing between 80 to 115 pounds, and females usually weighing between 70 to 95 pounds. They stand tall too, with males reaching a height of 25 to 27.5 inches at the shoulder, and females reaching a height of 23 to 26 inches.

Coat: One of the most distinctive features of Bernese Mountain Dogs is their long, silky, tri-colored coat. They have a thick double coat that is black, white, and rust. The majority of the coat is black, with white typically appearing on the chest, face, and paws, and rust typically appearing over the eyes, on the cheeks, sides of the chest, under the tail, and on each leg.

Head: They have a broad and flat skull with a slight furrow and a straight nose bridge. The muzzle is strong, straight and long. They have medium-sized, triangular ears set high and rounded at the top. Their eyes are dark brown and have a gentle and intelligent expression.

Body: They have a sturdy and well-muscled body. The chest is broad and deep, and the back is straight and strong. The tail is bushy and is typically carried low.

Paws: Bernese Mountain Dogs have compact, round feet. Their paws are well-arched, which gives them stability and balance.

Overall, the Bernese Mountain Dog has a regal and balanced appearance, with a combination of strength, agility, and elegance. Their appearance perfectly complements their calm and confident demeanor.

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