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Welcome, fur parents and dog enthusiasts! You’ve made the pawsome decision to welcome a Rhodesian Ridgeback into your life—an elegant, lion-hunting breed with a distinct ridge running down their backs like a tiny canine Mohawk. But before you can start showing off your majestic beast at the dog park, you’ll need to name it something other than “Hey you,” “What’s-its-face,” or “Doggo McDogface.”

Fear not, for here at Dogs and Puppies Central, we have scoured the savannahs of creativity to bring you a treasure trove of names for your new pup that are more unique than a Ridgeback chasing its tail. So, sit, stay, and prepare to unleash the perfect name upon your four-legged friend!

50 Unique Suggestions for Female Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies:

1. Sahara (for the desert queen she is)
2. Nala (yes, like the lioness)
3. Zara (because she’s as stylish as the fashion brand)
4. Kiki (for the pup that’s full of spunk)
5. Binti (means “daughter” in Swahili)
6. Sable (for that rich, dark coat)
7. Cleo (short for Cleopatra, of course)
8. Makena (means “happy one” in Kikuyu)
9. Zuri (Swahili for “beautiful”)
10. Amara (eternal beauty)
11. Tawny (for her gorgeous coat color)
12. Shani (Swahili for “marvelous”)
13. Lulu (because she’s a little loopy)
14. Afia (means “healthy” in Swahili)
15. Serengeti (after the famous plains)
16. Kali (for the fierce pup in her)
17. Jenga (as sturdy as the game)
18. Malaika (angelic as can be)
19. Aziza (precious little thing)
20. Lola (because she’s going to get what she wants)
21. Senna (like the herb, or the racecar driver)
22. Tembo (which means “elephant,” but let’s pretend it’s ironic)
23. Bahati (luck be a lady)
24. Zawadi (a gift to all who meet her)
25. Tafiti (means “research,” for the curious pup)
26. Layla (night beauty)
27. Penda (to love)
28. Zahra (flower)
29. Vimbai (trust)
30. Chui (leopard, for the spotted pup)
31. Rafiki (friendly one)
32. Amina (faithful)
33. Kesi (born when father was in trouble, for the dramatic entrance)
34. Fadhila (excellent)
35. Haki (truth)
36. Nia (purpose)
37. Thandiwe (beloved)
38. Zalika (well-born)
39. Raha (happiness)
40. Shaba (young lady)
41. Jamila (beautiful)
42. Kibibi (little lady)
43. Marjani (coral, precious)
44. Neema (grace)
45. Rehema (compassionate)
46. Siti (lady)
47. Taji (crown)
48. Uzuri (goodness)
49. Winda (hunt)
50. Yara (the bright light)

50 Unique Suggestions for Male Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies:

1. Simba (for the lion king in him)
2. Atlas (he’s got the world on his shoulders)
3. Kibo (after the highest peak on Kilimanjaro)
4. Orion (a hunter like him)
5. Django (unleashed and free-spirited)
6. Asani (rebellious)
7. Jabari (brave one)
8. Koda (last-minute “brother bear”)
9. Akili (bright, smart)
10. Chaka (like the warrior king, Shaka Zulu)
11. Mufasa (because, royalty)
12. Rafiji (friend)
13. Zephyr (a gentle breeze for a gentle giant)
14. Neo (new beginnings)
15. Zane (well-born, noble)
16. Cairo (after the ancient city)
17. Azibo (earth)
18. Basi (enough, for the dog that knows his limits)
19. Denali (great one)
20. Faraji (consolation)
21. Giza (like the pyramid)
22. Hasani (handsome)
23. Iniko (born during troubled times)
24. Jengo (building, because he’s solid)
25. Kazi (work, for the hardworking pup)
26. Leki (short for Lekipising, a Kenyan tribe)
27. Moto (hot stuff)
28. Nuru (light)
29. Pemba (the mystic isle)
30. Quasar (for a star of a pup)
31. Rudo (love)
32. Shujaa (heroic)
33. Tendaji (makes things happen)
34. Uzoma (good path)
35. Vuyo (happiness)
36. Wasaki (cut a path)
37. Xolani (peaceful)
38. Yaro (son)
39. Zuberi (strong)
40. Ajani (he who wins the struggle)
41. Bakari (noble promise)
42. Cezar (emperor)
43. Dakarai (rejoice)
44. Ekon (strong)
45. Fumo (chief)
46. Ghedi (traveler)
47. Hondo (war)
48. Issa (God is our salvation)
49. Jelani (mighty)
50. Kwame (born on a Saturday)

50 Unique Non-Gender Specific Names Suggestions for Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies:

1. Safari (an adventure every day)
2. Blaze (for the trail they’ll set on fire)
3. Canyon (vast and beautiful)
4. Dune (shifting sands, shifting paws)
5. Ember (the spark of your life)
6. Flare (catches everyone’s eye)
7. Gobi (after the famous desert)
8. Haze (mysterious like morning fog)
9. Indie (for the independent soul)
10. Jazz (smooth and cool)
11. Kite (soaring high in the sky)
12. Lava (flowing with energy)
13. Maple (sweet and sturdy)
14. Nova (a star is born)
15. Onyx (deep and powerful)
16. Pixel (for the tech-savvy pup)
17. Quartz (timelessly beautiful)
18. Riddle (a puzzle wrapped in a mystery)
19. Storm (a force of nature)
20. Tundra (for the hardy and resilient)
21. Vortex (center of attention)
22. Whirl (twist and turn with excitement)
23. Xanthe (golden one)
24. Yodel (for that unique bark)
25. Zenith (reaching new heights)
26. Aero (dynamic and quick)
27. Bingo (because they’ve won the jackpot with you)
28. Comet (streaking through your life with joy)
29. Dash (swift-footed)
30. Echo (they’ll mimic your every move)
31. Fable (a story worth telling)
32. Gala (a celebration of life)
33. Harbor (safe and serene)
34. Ivory (precious and pure)
35. Jigsaw (they complete the picture)
36. Karma (what goes around comes around)
37. Lyric (the poetry of motion)
38. Mosaic (a masterpiece of personality)
39. Nimbus (for the cloud-like fluff)
40. Oracle (wise beyond their years)
41. Puzzle (figuring them out is half the fun)
42. Quest (life is an adventure)
43. Rebel (for the non-conformist pup)
44. Sable (rich and refined)
45. Tango (it takes two to play)
46. Umber (deeply hued and earthy)
47. Vagabond (free spirit)
48. Willow (graceful and resilient)
49. Xylo (musical spirit)
50. Zest (for the pup full of life)

Thank you for letting your imagination off the leash with us at Dogs and Puppies Central! We hope this list has given you a bark of inspiration and a wag of excitement as you embark on the fun-filled journey of choosing the perfect name for your Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy or dog.

Remember, whether your Ridgeback is more of a Sahara or a Zephyr, more of a Simba or a Zenith, their name is the beginning of many grand tales to come. Best of luck with your new furry family member, and may your adventures together be as legendary as the names we’ve shared!

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