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The Ultimate Guide to Naming Your Shiba Inu: Unleash the Creativity!

Ah, Shiba Inu dogs – the breed that’s as unique as it is meme-able. These fox-like furballs have captured hearts with their spirited independence and “such wow” expressions. So, you’ve brought one of these adorable bundles into your home, and now you’re probably sitting there, scratching your head, thinking, “What on earth do I name this majestic creature that’s currently chewing on my favorite slippers?”

Fear not, dear puppy parent, for we at Dogs and Puppies Central have crafted the ultimate guide to naming your Shiba Inu, – 150 unique Shiba Inu dog names in total – complete with a sprinkle of humor, a dash of creativity, and a whole lot of inspiration. So, buckle up, and let’s embark on the journey to finding the perfect Shiba Inu dog names for your fluffy sidekick!

50 Unique Names Suggestions for Female Shiba Inu Puppies:

1. Sushi – Because she’s as delightful as your favorite roll.
2. Miso – A little salty, a little sweet, a perfect mix.
3. Kiko – It means “be glad,” which you surely are!
4. Yumi – “Beautiful,” just like your pup.
5. Fuyu – For a pup born in the “winter.”
6. Nori – She’ll stick to you like seaweed to rice.
7. Akira – Bright and intelligent, like her eyes when she spots treats.
8. Hoshi – She’s your little “star.”
9. Sakura – Blooming into your heart like cherry blossoms.
10. Tofu – Soft and cuddly, with a penchant for getting into sticky situations.
11. Yuki – “Snow,” perfect for a pup with a cool demeanor.
12. Katana – Sharp as a blade when she spots the mailman.
13. Sake – Warms your heart just as well.
14. Chibi – Tiny and cute, just watch her try to conquer the sofa.
15. Sora – Aiming high like the “sky.”
16. Kuma – For the bear-like way she lumbers around.
17. Nami – Like the “waves,” she’s full of energy.
18. Kohana – A “little flower,” delicate and beautiful.
19. Rina – With bells on, because she’s always making her presence known.
20. Tama – A precious “jewel,” and she knows it.
21. Kaida – A “little dragon,” fiery and fierce.
22. Yoko – “Positive,” especially when she’s getting belly rubs.
23. Azumi – “Safe space,” also known as your lap.
24. Fuji – As majestic as the mountain.
25. Maru – Round and adorable, especially after a big meal.
26. Ginko – Unique and memorable, like her personality.
27. Kiko – Double the “k,” double the cuteness.
28. Sumo – She’s small but can push her weight around.
29. Keiko – “Blessed,” and you certainly are with her in your life.
30. Aiko – “Little loved one,” because she’s just that.
31. Emi – For that beautiful “smile” she gives.
32. Hina – A “chick” that’s part of your flock now.
33. Izumi – A “fountain” of fun and mischief.
34. Mochi – Squishy and sweet, a treat of a pup.
35. Natsu – Born in the “summer” of your life.
36. Oki – For the “ocean” of love she brings.
37. Pocky – She’s as snackable as the treat, minus the actual snacking.
38. Reiki – Healing energy and puppy kisses.
39. Saki – Bloom like the “blossom” she’s named after.
40. Taki – A “waterfall” of Shiba Inu pride.
41. Ume – Like “plum,” she’s sometimes sweet, sometimes tart.
42. Vivi – Full of life, twice over.
43. Yori – Trustworthy and dependable, unless there’s a squirrel.
44. Zumi – Fast as a “zoom,” especially at dinner time.
45. Boba – Chewy and addictive, in a good way.
46. Eiko – An “eternal” bond begins.
47. Fumi – “Scholarly,” for the pup with a plan.
48. Hana – “Flower,” always blooming in your heart.
49. Ichi – Number “one,” no competition.
50. Jun – Pure joy in four paws.

50 Unique Suggestions for Male Shiba Inu Dog Names:

1. Kenji – A healthy “second son,” or first, we don’t judge.
2. Hiro – Generous with his puppy love.
3. Kaito – “Ocean” of curiosity in those eyes.
4. Ren – Full of “love,” and sometimes mischief.
5. Yori – Reliable, especially when it comes to hiding your socks.
6. Daiki – With a “great nobility,” he accepts your treats.
7. Gin – Like “silver,” shiny and precious.
8. Haru – Full of “spring” energy, all year round.
9. Isao – Meritorious; just look at that perfect sit!
10. Jiro – Your “second” pup, or maybe he’s just second to none.
11. Kai – “Sea” of adventures await you both.
12. Koda – A “little bear,” with a big personality.
13. Mako – “Sincerity,” in every wag of his tail.
14. Nao – “Honest,” except about who chewed the shoe.
15. Raiden – A “thunder god,” ruling the backyard.
16. Sota – Robust, like his bark at the neighbor’s cat.
17. Toshi – “Wise,” especially when it’s nap time.
18. Yoshi – Better than “good luck,” he’s the real deal.
19. Arata – Fresh and “new,” like every day with him.
20. Bento – Packed full of fun surprises.
21. Chibi – Still tiny, but with dreams of greatness.
22. Daisuke – “Great help,” at spreading joy (and toys).
23. Eiji – An “eternity” of Shiba smiles.
24. Fudo – Firm and “immovable” when it’s bath time.
25. Goro – Enlightened, or maybe just really into that laser pointer.
26. Hachiko – Loyal, like the legendary pooch.
27. Ikki – “Bright,” lighting up your life.
28. Jomei – Spreading “light,” and fur, everywhere.
29. Koji – A little “cultured,” like the best kind of yogurt.
30. Leo – Like a “lion,” king of his (imaginary) jungle.
31. Manju – Sweet as the pastry, and just as round.
32. Nobu – “Trust” him to be by your side… or in your bed.
33. Onyx – Precious like the gemstone, with a shiny coat to match.
34. Pochi – A classic pet name in Japan, for a classic pup.
35. Roku – Your “sixth” sense tells you he’s perfect.
36. Shinji – Believes in “truth,” and the power of treats.
37. Taiki – “Great radiance,” probably because of that shiny coat.
38. Udon – Thick and cuddly, like the noodles.
39. Wasabi – Spicy when he zips around the park.
40. Yuma – Full of “courage,” especially against the vacuum cleaner.
41. Zen – Balanced, except during zoomies.
42. Asahi – Like the “morning sun,” waking you up at 5 AM.
43. Banjo – Strumming your heartstrings every day.
44. Chikao – Cleverly “wise,” with a hint of cunning.
45. Daigo – A “great enlightenment,” like discovering he can climb onto the table.
46. Enzo – “Winner” of your heart and the couch.
47. Goji – Like the berry, a superfood for the soul.
48. Hoshi – Another “star” in your sky.
49. Izanagi – “Male who invites,” you to play fetch, endlessly.
50. Judo – Because he’s mastered the art of pinning you down for cuddles.

50 Unique Non-Gender Shiba Inu Dog Names:

1. Mochi
2. Kitsu (short for Kitsune, meaning fox in Japanese)
3. Sora (means “sky” in Japanese)
4. Yuki (means “snow” in Japanese)
5. Kumo (means “cloud” in Japanese)
6. Tofu
7. Blaze
8. Zen
9. Suki (means “beloved” in Japanese)
10. Koda
11. Ember
12. Hoshi (means “star” in Japanese)
13. Kai (means “sea” in Japanese)
14. Maple
15. Rumi
16. Bonsai
17. Pixel
18. Fable
19. Echo
20. Zephyr
21. Nova
22. Lyric
23. Sage
24. Cedar
25. Onyx
26. Umami
27. Aki (means “autumn” in Japanese)
28. Breeze
29. Cobalt
30. Pocky (after the popular Japanese snack)
31. Sumi (means “ink” in Japanese)
32. Curry
33. Nimbus
34. Sesame
35. Aero
36. Chai
37. Aspen
38. Matcha
39. Finch
40. Miso
41. Rune
42. Reef
43. Terra
44. Vesper
45. Jin (means “tenderness” in Japanese)
46. Fjord
47. Maru (means “round” in Japanese)
48. Quill
49. Tundra
50. Odyssey

When selecting a name for your Shiba Inu, it’s important to consider how easily the name can be called out and whether it suits the individual personality of your puppy. Additionally, it’s a good idea to try out the name for a few days to see if it’s a good fit.

We hope you enjoy this long list of Shiba Inu dog names !

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