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Dog Adoption - Adopt A Dog or Puppy

About Dogs and Puppies Central

Dogs and Puppies Central is one of the Internet’s oldest and most trusted dog and puppy information resources. Created by dog lovers for dog lovers, we offer a wealth of information, advice, entertainment, quality dog and puppy products, responsible dog and puppy breeders, dog breed information, dog breed pictures, and much, much more!

Dog and Puppy Central is growing daily! We’re constantly adding news and information for dog lovers, as well as lots of fun photos and stories about our canine friends.

So if you are looking for information on man’s best friend on the Internet, you’ve sniffed down the right spot! Whether you are looking for Dog Breeds Information, preloved dogs for adoption, help or guidance on dog care, cool dog names to give your new puppy a fitting name, or Dog Products and nifty gifts for Fido – you’ll find it all right here!

Dogs and Puppies For Adoption By Owner

Dogs and Puppies Central is dedicated to keeping beloved family dogs and puppies out of shelters and rescues. Our unique home to home dog adoption system helps to unite dog owners faced with the difficult choice of having to rehome a dog or puppy with responsible dog lovers looking for dogs for adoption.

Adoptable dogs and puppies are added daily – throughout the USA and Canada.

Need to rehome a dog or puppy? Contact our pet rehoming coordinator today.


All Different Breeds and Types of Dog

Listed from A to Z, Dogs and Puppies Central offers a concise dog breed information profile for all of the most popular dog breeds, including photos and links to dog breed information for each breed.


Unique Dog Names Suggestions

Tired of the same old, same old? Don’t saddle your new puppy with a lame name, when you can find thousands of unique dog and puppy names right here!


Dog Training Tips

Early and consistent training is essential to a well-behaved, happy and healthy dog or puppy. New dog and puppy owners will find this directory of sites offering information about dog training and dog behavior to be very helpful. Includes a very comprehensive article on house training puppies.


Dog and Puppy Care

A growing collection of informative articles about anything and everything related to caring for your dog or puppy. From dog health to dog travel, dog grooming to dog nutrition, our informative dog care articles will help you and your pet live a long, healthy and happy life together.


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