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All About Papillon Dogs & Puppies

Once a favorite pet of French and Spanish nobility, the Papillon is thought to have originated in Italy. The Papillon breed type has remained true for more than 700 years, and this unique breed has been portrayed in works of art dating back at least that long.

Papillon means \”butterfly\” in French – a name likely given the breed thanks to it\’s ears, which, when erect resemble the butterfly. The white blaze that runs down the top of the Papillon\’s head adds to the butterfly appearance.

If you are thinking about adding a Papillon puppy to your family, you can be assured of getting a very dainty, lively, clean and affectionate pet, measuring from just eight to 11 inches at the shoulder.

The Papillon\’s fine, soft and silky coat is white with patches of any color or tri-color (black and white with tan markings). The nose, eyes and lips are black, and the gorgeous tail is thickly plumed and carried proudly over the body.

To watch a Papillon move, one gets the impression of a proud little dog that literally prances. The Papillon makes an excellent family pet for any size accommodation and is ideally suited to the stay-at-home.

Regular brushing and the occasional bath are all the grooming required, and exercise needs are minimal. Because of the Papillon\’s diminutive size and stature, a Papillon puppy is not suited to households with children under 6 years of age. Loyal, loving and protective, Papillons make good watch dogs, too!