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\"vet Regular checkups are important to your dog\’s wellbeing and longevity, particularly if a heart murmur is detected.

Pulmonic stenosis in dogs (or Heart Murmur, as it is often referred to by) is a common hereditary disorder of the heart in dogs. In this heart defect, the Pulmonic valve is malformed, which prevents blood from flowing properly from the dog\’s heart into his lungs. As the disease progresses, the dog becomes weaker and weaker, since the heart and lungs are not able to effectively circulate oxygen rich blood throughout the body.

If your dog is diagnosed with Pulmonic Stenosis, it is important they have regular veterinary checkups, and that overall health is optimized through excellent nutrition and regular, moderate exercise. These measures can help your dog live his best life, in spite of this unfortunate disorder.

Prevention of Pulmonary Stenosis begins with the selective breeding of only dogs that are free of this condition, among others,

Further Information About Canine Pulmonic Stenosis

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