Dorkie Dogs – Dorkie Dog Breed Information

Cute Dorkie dog with floppy ears and a long, shaggy coat.

Looking for information on the Dorkie dog breed? Look no further! The Dorkie is a small designer dog. This popular mixed breed pooch is the result of pairing a Yorkie with a Miniature Dachshund. They are also referred to as Doxie Yorkies, Dorkie Terriers, and Yorkshire Weenies. Dorkies can take after either side of the …

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Maltese Westie Mix Dogs – All About The Highland Maltie Dog Breed

All About the Highland Maltie (West Highland White Terrier Maltese Mix Dog Breed When you cross-breed two of the most popular pure white small dog breeds, you can be assured of producing some very special small white puppies. The Highland Maltie is a mix of West Highland White Terriers and Maltese dogs. Whether you see …

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Coton de Tulear Dog Breed Information Guide – All About Cotons

Indepth Coton de Tulear dog breed facts and information article provides potential Coton de Tulear owners with information about Coton de Tulear history, appearance, temperament, grooming, training your Coton de Tulear, finding a responsible Coton de Tulear breeder, Coton de Tulear dog and puppy names, Coton de Tulear pictures and much more. Meet the Coton …

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French Bulldog Dog Breed Information Guide – All About French Bulldogs

Photo of an adorable black and white French Bulldog (Frencie) with a big grin on his face holding up a green sign that says ALL ABOUT FRENCHIES

The French Bulldog is the French version of the English Bulldog. It is smaller and more compact than it’s English counterpart with varying colorations.

The French Bulldog, or Frenchie as it is affectionately known, has a rich and at times risque lineage.

He was the favorite dog breed for some of France’s most famous – Toulouse Lautrec, and infamous – “Belles De Nuit” – the street walkers. A prized companion, the French Bulldog sold for the exorbitant $750.00 in the 1930’s.

Today, the French Bulldog is a well recognized breed worldwide. A perky disposition and love of human contact makes this breed a popular choice for dog lovers.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog Breed Information Guide Whether you live in an apartment, or a castle, this regal little dog makes an excellent companion! Cavalier King Charles Spaniel History The Spaniel has been a popular European dog for centuries; originally bred for the purpose of hunting game, his quiet nature and sweet disposition endeared …

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Maltese Dog Breed Profile

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] All About Maltese Dogs & Puppies [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=\”1/2\”][vc_column_text] Known for more than 28 centuries as \”the ancient dog of Malta,\” the Maltese definitely holds honors as one of the aristocrats of the dog world. Their place in history well documented, it is known that the Maltese has been immortalized in rhyme, as well as …

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Jack Russell Terriers -All About the Jack Russel Terrier Dog Breed

All About the Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breed Welcome to our Jack Russell Terrier dog breed information resource, a comprehensive online guide for those exploring the possibility of adding a Jack Russell Terrier puppy to their family. What does a Jack Russell Terrier look like? What is the history of the Jack Russell Terrier and …

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