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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy Names: A Royal Choice

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breed is as regal as it sounds. Originating from the United Kingdom, these charming dogs are known for their grace, affectionate nature, and expressive eyes. Named after King Charles II of England, who was particularly fond of the breed, these spaniels have been companions to royalty and commoners alike.

When choosing boy or girl puppy names for your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, drawing inspiration from their noble history, British roots, and their sweet, gentle temperament can provide a wealth of beautiful and meaningful options.

Girl Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy Names

For your little princess, choosing a name that reflects her royal lineage and delicate demeanor is key. Here are fifty girl Cavalier names inspired by British history, royal figures, and meanings that resonate with the breed’s elegance:

  1. Victoria (Victory)
  2. Elizabeth (My God is an abundance)
  3. Charlotte (Free man)
  4. Anne (Grace)
  5. Rose (The flower, symbol of love and beauty)
  6. Beatrice (She who brings happiness)
  7. Eleanor (Bright, shining one)
  8. Matilda (Battle-mighty)
  9. Emma (Universal)
  10. Florence (Flourishing, prosperous)
  11. Grace (Charm, goodness, generosity)
  12. Isabella (Pledged to God)
  13. Lily (Purity)
  14. Daisy (Day’s eye)
  15. Alice (Noble)
  16. Margaret (Pearl)
  17. Ruby (Precious red stone)
  18. Ivy (Faithfulness)
  19. Amelia (Industrious)
  20. Sophia (Wisdom)
  21. Molly (Wished-for child)
  22. Hazel (The hazelnut tree)
  23. Lucy (Light)
  24. Nora (Honor)
  25. Stella (Star)
  26. Audrey (Noble strength)
  27. Clara (Bright and clear)
  28. Juliet (Youthful)
  29. Phoebe (Radiant, shining one)
  30. Rosie (Rose, a flower)
  31. Poppy (Red flower)
  32. Harriet (Home ruler)
  33. Marigold (Golden flower)
  34. Belle (Beautiful)
  35. Evie (Life)
  36. Penelope (Weaver)
  37. Violet (Purple flower)
  38. Cecilia (Blind)
  39. Darcy (Dark one)
  40. Felicity (Happiness)
  41. Georgina (Farmer)
  42. Pippa (Lover of horses)
  43. Megan (Pearl)
  44. Theodora (Gift of God)
  45. Jasmine (Gift from God)
  46. Agatha (Good)
  47. Eloise (Healthy)
  48. Lottie (Free)
  49. Mabel (Lovable)
  50. Betsy (God is my oath)

Boy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy Names

For the little lords and knights in furry armor, here are fifty boy Cavalier names that exude strength and nobility, inspired by British monarchs, notable characters, and names with grand meanings:

  1. Charles (Free man)
  2. Arthur (Bear)
  3. George (Farmer)
  4. Edward (Wealthy guardian)
  5. Henry (Ruler of the home)
  6. James (Supplanter)
  7. William (Resolute protector)
  8. Alfred (Elf counsel)
  9. Oliver (Olive tree)
  10. Jack (God is gracious)
  11. Benjamin (Son of the right hand)
  12. Winston (Joy stone)
  13. Jasper (Treasurer)
  14. Harry (Home ruler)
  15. Leo (Lion)
  16. Rupert (Bright fame)
  17. Louis (Famous warrior)
  18. Simon (He has heard)
  19. Frederick (Peaceful ruler)
  20. Oscar (God spear)
  21. Toby (God is good)
  22. Archie (Truly brave)
  23. Sebastian (Venerable)
  24. Theo (Gift of God)
  25. Elliot (Jehovah is God)
  26. Percy (Pierce valley)
  27. Hugo (Mind, intellect)
  28. Gilbert (Bright pledge)
  29. Cedric (Bounty)
  30. Merlin (Sea fortress)
  31. Albert (Noble, bright)
  32. Basil (Royal, kingly)
  33. Clifford (Ford by a cliff)
  34. Horace (Timekeeper)
  35. Ian (God is gracious)
  36. Kenneth (Born of fire)
  37. Lionel (Young lion)
  38. Neville (New village)
  39. Quentin (Fifth)
  40. Ralph (Wolf counsel)
  41. Reginald (King)
  42. Saxon (Swordsman)
  43. Timothy (Honoring God)
  44. Vincent (Conquering)
  45. Walter (Army ruler)
  46. Xavier (New house)
  47. Zachary (God has remembered)
  48. Barnaby (Son of consolation)
  49. Cornelius (Horn)
  50. Duncan (Dark warrior)

Non-Gender Boy or Girl Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy Names

Sometimes, a name needs to be as adaptable and sweet as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel itself. Here are fifty non-gender-specific girl or boy Cavalier puppy names that are perfect for any pup of this breed:

  1. Bailey (Steward)
  2. Casey (Vigilant in war)
  3. Dakota (Friendly)
  4. Devon (Poet)
  5. Ellis (Benevolent)
  6. Finley (Fair-haired hero)
  7. Harley (Hare’s meadow)
  8. Jamie (Supplanter)
  9. Jordan (To flow down)
  10. Kendall (Royal valley)
  11. Logan (Small hollow)
  12. Morgan (Sea warrior)
  13. Parker (Park keeper)
  14. Quinn (Wise)
  15. Riley (Valiant)
  16. Robin (Bright fame)
  17. Rowan (Little redhead)
  18. Skylar (Scholar)
  19. Taylor (Tailor)
  20. Avery (Ruler of the elves)
  21. Casey (Brave in battle)
  22. Drew (Wise)
  23. Eden (Place of pleasure)
  24. Frankie (Free or truthful)
  25. Harper (Harp player)
  26. Jordan (Flow down)
  27. Kennedy (Helmeted chief)
  28. London (From the great river)
  29. Marley (Pleasant wood)
  30. Noel (Christmas)
  31. Peyton (Fighting-man’s estate)
  32. Reagan (Little ruler)
  33. Reese (Ardor)
  34. River (Flowing body of water)
  35. Rory (Red king)
  36. Rowan (Little redhead)
  37. Sage (Wise)
  38. Sam (God has heard)
  39. Sidney (Wide meadow)
  40. Spencer (Steward)
  41. Taylor (Tailor)
  42. Terry (Power of the tribe)
  43. Toni (Priceless one)
  44. Tracy (Warrior)
  45. Tyler (Tile maker)
  46. Valentine (Strong, healthy)
  47. Whitney (White island)
  48. Winter (The coldest season)
  49. Alex (Defender of the people)
  50. Cameron (Crooked nose)

Choosing a name for your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy can be a delightful nod to their illustrious history and charming personality. Whether you pick a name steeped in royalty, a reflection of their amiable nature, or simply something that sounds pleasing, it will surely be a perfect match for your new furry family member.

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