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Photo of a mostly black frenchie with a white strip down his chest. He looks directly at the camera, as if about to say something.

It Is Speculated That The French Bulldog Actually Came From England, Likely Brought To The Continent By Lace Workers From The UK.

These (Soon To Be) French Bulldogs Were Actually “Culls”, Unwanted In England Due To Their Smaller Size, But Welcomed In France To Help Control The Rat Population, And As Family Pets.

The French Preferred The Smaller Stature Of This Emerging Breed And Soon The French Bulldog Was Well Established.

By 1915, The French Bulldog Become Popular In Paris As Companions To Prostitutes. The Exotic Dog Attracted Customers And Wouldn’t Cause A Fuss When Brought Into Hotel Rooms.

Even Postcards From This Era Depict The French Bulldog Along Side Scantily Clad Women. Soon, People In Fashionable Circles Throughout France Chose The French Bulldog As A Risque Pet.

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