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photo of a frenchie running with a ball

Is your French Bulldog more of a class clown than a model student? Fear not, because our humorous approach to French Bulldog training will have you both in stitches!

From training your Frenchie to do the perfect “paws-up” comedy routine to mastering the art of the comedic zoomies, our training techniques will leave you howling with laughter. Get ready for a training experience that’s as entertaining as your furry comedian!

French bulldog on skateboard

The French Bulldog in Training – Plenty of Fun, Farts, & Foolishness

If you have owned a French Bulldog dog or puppy for any length of time, you are no-doubt now acquainted with the eclectic and rather goofy personality that most of these canine court jesters possess. They are a laugh a minute, but eventually, your jaw may become tired from all that chortling, and you may find yourself wondering, “Can this meaty little comic genius be trained?

The answer is, debatably, yes. You will need plenty of patience, because these guys are like Yin and Yang all in one small, muscular jumping bean body. They love to jump, play tug-o-war with your bathrobe tie (while you are wearing it), and basically get into any mischief that catches their adorable googly eye.

But they can be trained, and a well-trained Frenchie is a delight. (Even more of a delight than an not-so-well-trained French Bulldog. So let’s carry on, and learn all about training French Bulldogs.

Included in Our Frenchie Training Guide

  • Potty Training Your French Bulldog Puppy
  • Leash Training Your Frenchie Dog or Puppy
  • Bitey Frenchie Puppy No More!
  • Training Your French Bulldog Not to Jump
  • Prevention and Solutions for Separation Anxiety in French Bulldogs
  • Basic Obedience Training For Frenchies
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