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Maltipoos Dog Breed Information Guide – All About Maltipoos

Learn all about Maltipoos, including history, appearance, temperament lifespan, health and care needs, suitability for children and more.

Looking for a super cute, teeny tiny puppy to spoil? Look no further than the Malti-poo, the adorable result of crossing a Maltese with a Toy Poodle. This charming mixed breed dog is gaining popularity due to it\’s tiny size, exceptional health, and utterly cute appearance. Maltipoos are the ultimate lap dogs; content to curl up and be adored day in and day out.

Maltipoo History

Maltipoo Appearance

Maltipoo Temperament

Maltipoo Exercise Info

Maltipoo Grooming Info

Maltipoo Training Info

Maltipoo Health Info

Maltipoo Right Breed Info

More Information about the Maltipoo Dog Breed

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