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Many people need to travel with their pets for a variety of reasons. Traveling with your pet can be very pleasant if the proper precautions and plans are made. However, traveling with your pet can also be a nightmare if your not adequately prepared for your pets specific traveling needs. Preparing your pet for travel, just as you would prepare yourself is essential to having a successful trip.

Pet Travel Tip: Pet Identification

Make certain before traveling that your pet has an up to date collar tag. This collar tag should contain your cell phone number, so that you can reached. It should also contain an alternate contact to someone who is willing to retrieve your pet for you should you be separated. If your pet has a microchip, make certain that you update all the information for contacts and alternate contacts with your microchip company. You may also consider adding your pets microchip number to your pets collar tag along with the telephone number for the microchip company.

Pet Travel Tip: Toys and Trinkets to Prevent Boredom

When packing yourself, pack a small suitcase of familiar items for your pet. Bringing along some of your pets bedding and favorite toys will help to ensure your pets comfort on the trip. Plus, this may help keep your pet occupied and prevent issues that may arise from boredom.

Pet Travel Tip: Make Planned Stops For Exercise and Elimination

While you are traveling with your pet you will need to make sure that you stop, so that your pet can exercise. Make sure that your pet is on a leash or harness during exercise so that it doesn\’t get away from you. Pets that are traveling can become unsettled with the unfamiliar environment and often they will run off.

While you are traveling with your pet, you will also need to be mindful of your pets bathroom needs. Make certain that you stop frequently enough for your dog to go both pee and poop. Additionally, make certain that you bring disposal bags with you and properly dispose of your pets waste along your trip. If you are traveling with a cat look into purchasing a travel sized, disposable litter box.

Safety Precautions When Travelling With Pets

Often, when pets travel unique medical situations may arise. Never leave your pets in hot car. Temperatures rise quickly in a closed vehicle and with your pet inside, that is a recipe for disaster. Additionally, when your traveling it is not uncommon for your pet to develop nausea or constipation for a variety of different reasons. Consult with your veterinarian on the proper procedure to follow for your pet if either of these should occur. Do this prior to leaving for your trip, so that you are prepared to handle the situation should it occur. Nausea can be prevented in some cases, by encouraging your pet to lay on the floor rather than looking out the window. You may also consider waiting a bit before getting back on the road after your pet has eaten.

Airline Travel With Pets – Flying With your Dog or Cat

When your pet must fly with you, there are a few things that you need to do to make the process go more smoothly. Check with the airline about any restrictions or requirements you must adhere to when traveling by air with your pet. Some airlines will allow smaller pets to travel in an approved crate on board with you, while others require all animals to travel in cargo. Take your pet for a check up and get a certified letter from your veterinarian stating that your pet is up to date with vaccinations and in good health. Try booking a flight that is non- stop, particularly if your pet must travel in cargo. Traveling by air can be traumatic for many pets, so the less time they are on the plane the better.

Being prepared to travel with your pet ahead of time is part of being a responsible pet owner. Planning for the worst and being prepared for any situation will make traveling with your pet far less stressful. If the trip goes smoothly for your pet, chances are it will for you too.

Bone Voyage!

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