Arizona Havanese Dog Breeders – Havanese of the Sonoran Desert

Breeding and raising exceptional AKC Havanese puppies for exceptional owners has been a labor of love spanning almost 20 years for Marilyn and Tom. Their kennel, Havanese of the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona has produced many, many AKC conformation champions, and even Grand Champions over this time, most recently, the very ravishing Grand Champion Romeo.

But show wins are only part of what makes Marilyn and her husband, Tom proudest; the quality of the Havanese puppies they have placed into loving, responsible homes over the years are really a feather in their caps.

About Our Havanese Puppies

How We Make Sure Our Puppies Are Well Socialized

I frequently take my Havanese puppies on road trips, ensuring they accompany me to various places. As soon as they are vaccinated, I make it a point to bring them to the local open-air shopping center. My goal is to expose them to a diverse group of 100 or more individuals who will interact with them and offer gentle handling. My front porch serves as a designated play space where they can enjoy playtime and breathe in the fresh outdoor air.

For their development, I engage the puppies a multitude of enrichment activities. We start with potty training, which I believe works best in conjunction with crate training. Early socialization is a key focus, and I ensure they are trained to use a litter box.

I teach them basic puppy manners and introduce them to the principles of Puppy Culture. Additional training includes familiarizing them with car rides, helping them respond to their names, discouraging biting or chewing behaviors that are inappropriate, and guiding them in leash walking.

Puppy Culture Program

The Puppy Culture program also encompasses Early Neurological Stimulation exercises, and I make sure they are well-socialized with other adult dogs to round out their early life experiences.

Welcome Home Kit

We ensure that each of our new puppy owners is provided with a welcome home kit and essential information upon adoption. This package includes their vaccinations record, a toy carrying the scent of their littermates, a starter bag of food, a health certificate, their AKC (American Kennel Club) registration papers, and a blanket infused with their mother’s scent.